Juggling and/in Iceland

Frontpaging on Reddit right now is this sweet little video about juggling… and Iceland.

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More like XJEDI if you ask me. I’m posting this before every other juggling blog in the universe does because I think the fabric of spacetime club juggling has just been altered.

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The Paragliding Circus

A bunch of manipulators and a trapeze dancer from the Ecole Nationale du Cirque and a realllllly sick paraglider got together to cut this really really fun video:

Paragliding Circus from shams on Vimeo.

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Not Your Grandma’s Headrolls: Juan Duarte Mateos

To celebrate the successful rescue of our site from a spambot, here’s a huge stack of head rolls and other tricks from Juan Duarte Mateos, with a properly legendary trick at the end.

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D.Menza- Contact Meteor

Our good friend Jerome D.Menza (The Father of Contact Meteor)

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Flo- Lots of Hats!

How did he collect so many hats?! Also bomb tricks!

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1st Place at the indoor kite competition

Trick kiting. What will they think of next?

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Arttu Lahtinen- Rings!

This guys is from Finland and he’s got tons of great new tricks and concepts!

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Paper Folding – Troublewit

Just found out about this cool manipulation called troublewit – or simply, paperfolding. Uses an accordian folded paper to create shapes. I thought this was the best performer to showcase the art form.

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Cigarette trick

The DSWT team does not endorse the smoking of Camel cigarettes. However, we endorse cool cigarette manipulation 100%.

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